IAI's Comment to the Israeli Police Investigation
(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued March 15, 2017)
Lately IAI has initiated the investigation of several suspicions of irregularities regarding provision of products and services by Israeli subcontractors to IAI.

IAI has acted, at the instruction of its CEO and the Board of Directors, to investigate and resolve such suspicions, with zero tolerance of any misbehaviors, by investing substantial means and resources and involving various bodies, both inside and outside the company, with a clear target to root out any phenomena that do not reflect IAI's true face.

Following its investigation, IAI provided its findings to the authorized enforcement and auditing bodies.

Accordingly, when news of the Israeli Police investigation came out this morning, IAI's CEO instructed all its relevant departments to cooperate fully with the Israeli Police, as shall be required by the police and without reservations, with an aim to complete the investigation and prosecute any person who committed a crime.

IAI, with its 15,000 employees and its wide activities in Israel and all over the world, will continue to serve as a central building block in the security of the State of Israel and its economy.


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