Russia Offers New Variant of Su-30 Fighter on Global Market
(Source: TASS-Defence; published April 3, 2017)
MOSCOW --- Russia offers a new modification of the newest supermaneuverable Su-30SM fighter jet designated as Su-30SME (E stands for Export-oriented, Eksportny) to potential foreign customers, President of Irkut Corporation Oleg Demchenko told TASS at the LIMA 2017 international maritime and aerospace show.

"Su-30SME is an export version of Su-30SM. The Su-30SM aircraft are supplied to the defense ministries of Russia and Kazakhstan as an ally in the Collective Security Treaty Organization," he said.

Su-30SME is a development of the Su-30MK fighter that has retained its popularity on the global market. "Su-30SME is an upgraded modern platform based on Russian equipment. As the basic Russian Su-30SM version develops the capabilities of the export Su-30SME will also expand," Demchenko said.

The Su-30SME fighter has a normal take-off weight (NTOW) of 26,090 kg, a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 34,000 kg, a speed of M=1.75, and a normal/maximum fuel weight of 5,270/9,300 kg respectively. The aircraft features a length of 21.9 m, a wingspan of 14.7 m, and a height of 6.4 m. Su-30SME has an operational range of 1,280 km flying near the ground at a speed of 800 km/h, of 3,000 km flying at a high altitude at a speed of 900 km/h, and of 5,600 km with one air refueling.

The fighter features a flying altitude of 16,100 m. Su-30SME is powered by two AL-31FP afterburner jet engines with thrust vector control. The powerplant has a combined thrust of 25,000 kgf. The fighter has a combat payload of up to 8,000 kg and 12 hardpoints for air-launched weapons.

The 'Russian Knights' aerobatic team was for the first time flying supermaneuverable Su-30SM fighter jets at the LIMA 2017 exhibition to demonstrate technical characteristics and piloting capabilities of the new aircraft.

Russia’s MoD has been acquiring Su-30SMs since 2011. The state order for the Su-30SM fighters has exceeded 110 aircraft with over half of the planes already delivered.

In April 2016, Russia’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the Irkut Corporation signed a new contract for over 30 Su-30SM multirole fighters to be delivered to the Aerospace Forces by end-2018. These deliveries will be implemented under the state defense order for 2016-2018 program. In 2017, Russia`s military will receive 17 new Su-30SM multirole fighter jets.

The avionics suite of the Sukhoi Su-30SME multirole fighter has been given several new-generation systems, namely infrared and laser targeting pods for ground target acquisition and engagement.

The integrated fire control radar added to the Su-30SME’s avionics suite among other advanced systems is worth special mention, as it has the multiple aerial targets simultaneous acquisition and tracking capability while being able to attack several of them simultaneously.

Mention also should be made of its integrated electro-optical targeting and navigation system wrapped around a laser inertial navigation system, helmet-mounted target designator, head-up display, multifunction liquid crystal displays with the imagery fading capability, and satellite navigation system compatible with the GLONASS and NAVSTAR.


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