Russia to Deliver Ka-52K Helicopters to Egypt
(Source: TASS Defense; published June 8, 2017)
While Rostec says the contract for the sale of Ka-52K combat helicopters to Egypt has not yet been signed, this photograph shows at least one aircraft has been produced and painted in Egyptian colors. (Twitter photo)
MOSCOW --- A fundamental decision to deliver Russian-made Kamov Ka-52K shipborne helicopters to Egypt has been made but a contract has not been signed yet, International Cooperation Department Chief of Russia’s Rostec state hi-tech corporation Viktor Kladov told TASS.

"We have just returned from Egypt. We discussed these issues. The helicopter carriers were initially intended for the Ka-52K rotorcraft. Thus, the helicopters will be used by the ground forces and be based on the Mistral ships," Kladov said.

"I believe that a fundamental decision has been made, the procedure of signing a contract is only a technical issue," he added.

It was reported earlier that the tender winner who would deliver shipborne helicopters for Egypt’s Mistral ships would be announced in late May.

The Ka-52K derives from a range of shipborne helicopters operational with Russia’s Navy. The range includes the Kamov Ka-25 (NATO reporting name: Hormone), Ka-27 (Helix), Ka-29 (Helix-B) and Ka-31 rotorcraft.

The Ka-52K is designed for patrol missions, fire support during amphibious assaults and antiamphibious assault defense on the frontline and in tactical depth.

Unlike the baseline version, the Ka-52K features folding stub wings specifically upgraded to carry heavy weapons and folding main rotor blades that allow it to compactly fit into an under-deck compartment.

The Ka-52K’s smaller size increases the number of helicopters onboard.

The crew’s armored cockpit and the ejection system allow pilots to leave the helicopter safely.

The Ka-52K shipborne helicopter has rescue equipment for people in distress at sea.


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