Rafael Unveils Laser-Based Drone Interception System
(Source: Rafael; issued June 22, 2017)
The Israeli defense company's Drone Dome uses radar and a laser beam in order to locate and destroy hostile drones.

Israeli defense electronics company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has unveiled a new laser weapon system, which targets drones. Rafael is one of 10 Israeli companies exhibiting its wares at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget this week.

Drone Dome is an interception system that uses a laser beam in order to locate and destroy hostile drones.

Rafael claims that the anti-dome weapon it has developed is the first such system on the market and is capable of intercepting drones at a range of several kilometers. Drone Dome is comprised of a radar-based system that identifies targets, and a laser system that neutralizes and destroys the drone.

There is also a jamming system for disrupting communications between the drone and its operator. In recent years, drones have become a serious threat with the ability to penetrate airspace anywhere and anytime for either surveillance or with an explosive payload.

Rafael recently successfully completed a series of trials prior to declaring the system operational.

"The threat posed by drones and packs of drones is one of the most complex challenges confronting us. We have seen ISIS and other groups using them and the entire world is looking for a solution," explained business development manager air division Brig. Gen. (res.) Meir Ben Shaya. "We have taken the laser systems developed by Rafael and adapted them to cope with this threat, which is such a major challenge for defense systems worldwide."


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