Germany Delays Decision On Israeli Drones, Approves Warships (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published June 21, 2017)
The German Parliament has approved a major funding package to modernize its military after decades of neglect; it includes the construction of five new K130-class corvettes for the navy, similar to the “Ludwigshafen” seen here at sea. (GE MoD photo)
The German parliament's budget committee on Wednesday postponed a decision on a 1-billion-euro ($1.11 billion) funding package for the military, including a deal to lease Israeli-made armed drones, sources told Reuters.

The committee nonetheless approved 11 billion euros of purchases for the armed forces, including five corvette warships for two billion euros.

The Defence Ministry had warned against delays, saying the purchases were urgently needed to modernize an army weakened by years of spending cuts.

Christine Lambrecht, a lawmaker from the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), had earlier said that the budget committee would delay a decision on the whole funding package as her party needed more time for consultations.

Defence minister Ursula von der Leyen is eager to get the requests approved before a Sept. 24 general election as delays could further hobble a military trying to rebuild after years of post-Cold War cuts and prepare for added responsibilities.

The SPD are junior coalition partners of Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU and their Bavaria-based sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU).

After the postponement, Von der Leyen told ARD television that the procurement of the Israeli drones, favored by the military because they are compatible with models they already own, was still under discussion. (end of excerpt)

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Privinvest Group Welcomes Decision by German Parliament Regarding K130 Procurement
(Source: Privinvest; issued June 23, 2017)
KIEL, Germany --- Privinvest Group, the parent company of German Naval Yards Kiel (GNYK), welcomed the decision by the German parliament to approve the procurement of an additional five K130 corvettes. GNYK is part of a consortium that will deliver on the contract.

In response to the decision a spokesperson for Privinvest said: “We are pleased by the decision by the German parliament, and we look forward to continuing to build on our strong track record as a supplier to the German Navy. We, and the 1,000 employees of GNYK in Germany are proud to partner with the German Navy once again, to enhance the country’s maritime security.”

Privinvest, headquartered in the Middle East under the direction of CEO Iskandar Safa, has facilities and shipyards in a number of countries including France, Germany and the Middle East. Its core areas of activities are the design and construction of naval and commercial vessels, the supply of integrated systems, support programs for naval fleets, the support and transfer of technology to countries wishing to develop their shipbuilding industry. Ancillary to its shipbuilding activities Privinvest is increasingly involved in the hydrokinetic and turbine industry.

Privinvest’s shipyards have delivered more than 2,000 vessels and its products are present in more than 40 navies around the world. Currently, besides a number of private customers, the Privinvest group is working for 6 major navies. Privinvest’s shipbuilding entities have consistently enjoyed export success and a strong order book from the group’s customers worldwide.

German Naval Yards Kiel specialises in the design and construction of highly-integrated naval vessels. These include frigates, corvettes and offshore patrol vessels. Our shipyards in Kiel are the direct successor to the surface vessel shipbuilding sector of HDW (Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH). The historic traditions of naval shipbuilding on the Kiel Fjord live on at our shipyards.


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