Sovershenny Сorvette Completed the State Sea Trials
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued July 04, 2017)
Sovershennyy is the lead ship in the second batch of Steregushchiy-class multipurpose corvettes, which displace about 2,400 tonnes and are designed to operate in littoral waters. Shown here is Soobrazitelnyy, the final ship of the first batch. (Internet photo)
The Sovershenny corvette completed the state sea trials in the sea combat training ranges of the Pacific Fleet. During them the representatives of the plant delivery team together with the ship crew and the members of the State Admission Commission conducted manoeuvring and speed tests of the corvette, checked the operation of all the aggregates, systems and units, navigational and radiotechnical equipment, as well as the armaments of the ship.

In particular, missile and artillery firings were carried out on surface, air and coastal targets. Landings of shipborne Ka-27 helicopters on the corvette’s deck, anti-aircraft and ASW tasks were practised by the ship.

After signing the transponder act with the customer, the Naval Flag will be raised on the ship and the corvette will be included in the Pacific Fleet’s strength.


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