Russia’s T-90 Tanks to Be Assembled Under License In Egypt
(Source: TASS; published July 05, 2017)
MOSCOW --- Russia’s Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) corporation will build a facility to assemble T-90S/SK tanks under license in Egypt, the company said in its 2016 report, published on Tuesday.

The report identifies among the company’s top priorities "works on territories of foreign states to create facilities for complex maintenance and repair of previously supplied equipment, including implementation of projects to create joint ventures with foreign contractors."

One of the provisions mentions "work on a project to create an enterprise to assemble T-90S/SK tanks under a license with Contractor 818," a number assigned to Egypt under the Russian state standards.

UVZ also plans to set up a post-sale maintenance and repair facilities for its T-90MS/MSK tanks in Kuwait and T-90S/SK tanks in Algeria.

The company will also continue works to modernize its defense products, previously supplied to Armenia and Belarus. It also plans to further promote its products on the African market, including maintenance and upgrade of its military equipment in Angola and Ethiopia.

This year, UVZ also plans to modernize 1,000 of India’s T-72 tanks by equipping them with the V-92S2 four-stroke, V-type, 12-cylinder diesel engine with gas turbine supercharging, liquid cooling and a power of 1,000 hp.

T-90S is an export variant of the Russian-made T-90 third-generation main battle tank. It features powerful weaponry, modern fire control system, combined steel and composite armor and high maneuverability. It is capable of fighting in all weather, round the clock and in any climate.

The T-90SK main battle tank is designed to provide unit control and communication with command posts and to act in unit formations.


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