Israeli Submarine Scandal: Police Detain Six Suspects for Questioning, Including Netanyahu Associates (excerpt)
(Source: Haaretz; published Jul 10, 2017)
By Yaniv Kubovich
Six suspects were brought in for questioning over Israel's so-called "submarine affair" on Monday morning, Israel Police said. Three of the suspects are central figures in the scandal, and some are very close associates of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

One suspect is a former Defense Ministry official who took part in the opinion given regarding the acquisition of the submarines, the second is a former military man-turned businessman who was closely involved the deal and the third is another central figure in the affair. The three other suspects have family and work relations with the main three suspects.

The six were questioned as criminal suspects for bribery, fraud, tax offenses and money laundering, police said, over a deal that would see Germany selling Israel three submarines. On Monday morning, officers from the police's anti-corruption unit arrived at the homes of the suspects and brought them in for questioning.

The police wanted to prevent a situation in which the suspects would independently make their way to the questioning, for fear of obstruction and to surprise the suspects as to the date of the interrogation.

The deal is the focus of a police investigation into possible wrongdoing involving Netanyahu's personal lawyer and German shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp's local representative. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Haaretz website.


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