Mi-26 Helicopter is to be Modernised
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 22, 2017)
The manufacturer has prepared a project for modernising Mi-26 helicopters for the Russian Aerospace Force. At present, work is underway to create a prototype of the new Mi-26T2V with the subsequent implementation of a complex of flight tests.

The modernised Mi-26T2V is a heavy wide-fuselage body transport helicopter with a carrying capacity of 20 tons. The number of crew members of the updated version will remain the same – 5 people.

The new copter will be able to provide flights in the conditions of any region, including with complex physio-geographical and unfavorable climatic conditions. Also, the helicopter will be able to be operated in conditions of unequipped routes trails and along routes outside routes, over unoriented terrain, in conditions of fire and information counteraction of the enemy.

The copter is equipped with the modern integrated on-board NPK90-2 radio electronic equipment, which provides helicopter piloting day and night with automatic flight along the route, arrival to a predetermined point and landing approach, as well as pre-landing manoeuvring and returning to the main or alternate aerodromes. The copter’s on-board air defence system provides helicopter protection from radio and optoelectronic guided missiles’ damage.


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