Newest Msta-SM2 Howitzers Delivered to Western MD
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 19, 2017)
New artillery formation of the Combined Arms Army located in Moscow region, Western MD, received more than 10 2S33 Msta-SM2 self-propelled howitzers.

The formation is being rearmed with modern military hardware including the 152-mm Msta-SM2 howitzers, Shturm-S anti-tank missile system and 220-mm Uragan MLRS.

According to the Commander of the Combined Arms Army Major General Alexander Peryazev, comprehensive rearmament of the artillery formation will enhance its combat potential for both defensive and offensive operations.

Moreover, some new 10 Shturm-S anti-tank missile systems are to be delivered to the artillery formation by late 2018.


New Kasta Radar Delivered to Central Military District Within State Defence Order
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 19, 2017)
The Kasta 2-2 radar which can locate stealth targets has assumed combat duty in Volga region. The station has reinforced combat potential of radiotechnical troops in Orenburg region, Central Military District.

The Kasta 2-2 is a 360-surveilance radar station. It is intended to control air space, define range, azimuth, flight level and specifications of aircraft and cruise missiles.

The new radar can locate stealth targets and moving objects on the water surface.


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