Russian Ministry of Defence Contracts Mi-8aAMTSH Helicopters
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 20, 2017)
The Russian Ministry of Defence and Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant have contracted Mi-8AMTSh-V and Mi-8AMTSh helicopters within the State Defence Order 2018-2020,

In accordance with the contract, two new Mi-8AMTSh-V helicopters are to be supplied to the Russian Aerospace Forces by late 2018 and eight Mi-8AMTSh – by late 2019.

For reference:

The Mi-8AMTSh-V is an upgraded version within the Mi-8AMTSh series.

The Mi-8AMTSh helicopters are designed for transporting personnel of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The both types of aircraft can be used in transport, search-and-rescue, evacuation and special operations. They are equipped with modern flight control and communication equipment.


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