Hunting Other UAVs with AI-Enabled Radar, Fortem Releases Dronehunter System
(Source: Forecast International; issued Feb 20, 2018)
SALT LAKE CITY --- Fortem Technologies announced the release of the DroneHunter system, which it says is the first military-tested unmanned aircraft technology that provides perimeter intrusion detection and protection by autonomously patrolling an airspace and towing away any rogue drones from the sky.

Using AI algorithms on board a host UAV, the DroneHunter system provides detection, monitoring and capture of rogue drones over restricted airspace or no-fly zones. Once a rogue drone is detected and captured, the DroneHunter system can tether and return, or safely discard to a predefined safe zone.

The DroneHunter system can operate on an assortment of UAV platforms, with the most popular models being light (under 16 lbs.), compact, and easy to transport. A DroneHunter-equipped UAV operates autonomously through an onboard autopilot and navigation system. An optional 4K camera EO system can provide real-time video.

Powered by Fortem's TrueView radar, the DroneHunter system includes an autonomous guidance system and an open command and control platform to detect, identify and tow away hostile drones within a secured geo-fenced perimeter. The TrueView Radar is at the heart of DroneHunter, and provides advanced detection, classification and monitoring, day and night and in all ground and weather conditions including smoke, clouds, fog and smog.

DroneHunter notifies authorized personnel of potential aerial threats in real time, with a command center ground station providing monitoring and manual intervention override options to meet situational requirements.

Fortem's Netgun allows a DroneHunter-equipped UAV to effectively capture its target. The Netgun can be configured for single or multiple shots. Meanwhile, for higher speed targets, the Drape Net autonomously blocks fast-moving drones before they reach restricted areas or no fly zones.

"Drones are accessible to everyone now and are beginning to proliferate to enable many new services," said CEO of Fortem Technologies, Timothy Bean. "However, to fully embrace these benefits, we must monitor the airspace and secure no-fly zones. Fortem's safe, low-cost detection and mitigation systems like DroneHunter are game-changing, enabling the benefits of a drone world to be realized."


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