Ballistic Missile Defense Remains Focal Point of Juniper Cobra 2018
(Source: US Department of Defense; issued March 9, 2018)
TEL AVIV, Israel --- Juniper Cobra is a U.S. European Command bilateral exercise. The exercise is part of a routine training cycle, designed to improve coordination between the U.S. forces and the Israel Defense Force, through a variety of computer-assisted simulations that range from rocket threats to crisis resupply, foreign disaster response and foreign humanitarian assistance.

However, the focal point of Juniper Cobra remains clear -- to provide integrated ballistic missile defense to counter regional threats to Israel and maintaining U.S. support of Israel's qualitative military edge.

Defense Partnership

"We are proud to welcome our friends and partners," said Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich, Israeli aerial defense commander. "Together we will prepare ourselves to meet the challenges of the future."

The U.S. Army has deployed the MIM-104 Patriot air defense missiles – a surface-to-air missile system and the Army’s primary high-to-medium air defense system -- to work in tandem with the IDF's Iron Dome air defense missiles in support of this premier training event.

The Patriot system is designed to provide multitier theater defense against adversary missile threats using peer-to-peer engagement coordination, early warning track data, and battle management situational awareness.

Air Defense System

Similarly, the Iron Dome is the IDF’s mobile all-weather air defense system designed to intercept and destroy regional short-range rockets directed at populated areas.

Each Iron Dome battery boasts a 90 percent intercept success rate. When paired with the Patriot system, they provide Israel with a near impenetrable layer of defense against attack.

“We're training to answer the call," said U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Richard Clark, Joint Task Force Israel commander. "The call to defend Israel."

Operating cohesively, U.S. and IDF forces will train over the next two weeks during Juniper Cobra to increase regional security, stability and military readiness.


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