S. Korea Signs Deal on 90 More Taurus Bunker-Buster Missiles
(Source: Yonhap News Agency; issued March 13, 2018)
South Korea has ordered a follow-on batch of Taurus long-range stand-off missiles jointly developed by Sweden and Germany, which will bring its total inventory to 260. A Taurus is seen here under a German Tornado during testing. (GE MoD photo)
SEOUL --- South Korea has inked a contract to purchase 90 more Taurus long-range air-to-ground missiles in line with its weapon system introduction program despite eased tensions on the peninsula, an official said Tuesday.

"The contract was signed in late February," Kang Hwan-seok, spokesman for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), told reporters in response to a related news report earlier in the day.

The state arms agency did not issue a separate press release about the deal.

South Korea ordered 170 Taurus precision-guided missiles, known as bunker-buster missiles, in 2013.

Most of those are fitted on F-15K fighter jets.

Last year, the government's defense industry program committee decided to buy 90 additional Taurus missiles amid the urgent beefing up of the nation's Kill Chain pre-emptive strike system against North Korea's fast-developing nuclear and missile programs.

Produced by German-Swedish defense producer Taurus Systems GmbH, the missile has a range of 500 kilometers. It can be used to destroy the North's key facilities, including hideouts of its leaders and radar stations.


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