China's "Red Arrow-10A" Anti-Tank Missile Unveiled in Iraq
(Source: China Military Online; issued March 23, 2018)
BAGHDAD, IRAQ --- The China North Industries Corp. (NORINCO), a Chinese military trade enterprise, brought the Chinese HJ-10A (Red Arrow-10A) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system, which is extremely rare in the Middle East's weapon market, to the sixth International Defense Exhibition (IQDEX-2018) in Baghdad, Iraq, for the first time.

A few days ago, Iraqi media disclosed photos of Chinese HJ-10A ATGM system online. Unlike the HJ-10A ATGM system unveiled by the NORINCO during the Zhuhai Air Show in 2016, the HJ-10A ATGM system exhibited in the Middle East uses the export version “big 4X4 wheel” chassis.

Compared with the tracked chassis version of HJ-10A ATGM system, the passability of the wheeled chassis one is apparently inferior, but the overall cost should be lower.

The Chinese HJ-10A ATGM system is a heavy-duty, fiber-optic guided anti-tank missile, and its launching vehicle has an elevating mast-type photoelectric sighting system that can detect and lock the hostile armored vehicles as far as possible.

The Chinese HJ-10A anti-tank guided missile is connected to the launching vehicle with a fine fiber and has the farthest firing range at about 10 kilometers and the largest penetration depth in the its anti-tank guided missile family.

The HJ-10A ATGM system, commissioned in the Chinese PLA Army not long ago, is a newest member of China's export-oriented anti-tank missile family.


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