Over 100 Units of Electronic Warfare Hardware Received by Central MD for Five Years
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued April 15, 2018)
More than 100 modern pieces of hardware have been delivered to the electronic warfare troops of the Central Military District (CMD) for five years. This was told to journalists by Major General Sergei Portnykh, Electronic Warfare Service Chief in the CMD Staff.

"In total, since 2013, more than 100 modern units of hardware have been adopted in the CMD EW troops. Among them there are Murmansk HF-range strategic-level radio-interference complexes, Krasuha-4S and Krasuha-20 radio interference means against air- and space-borne radar equipment of the enemy, which are capable to cover the friendly forces and to "blind" the enemy, as well as Moskva-1 electronic reconnaissance-and-control stations,” said Sergei Portnykh. According to him, at present the modern EW hardware share in the district exceeds 60 %. In their performances the new samples are not inferior to the foreign counterparts, but in many respects surpass them.

"The share of modern EW equipment samples currently exceeds 60 %, and, taking into account their supplies, it is expected to grow to 70 % by 2020," Major-General Sergei Portnykh explained.


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