Final Testing of Vilkha Missile Complex
(Source: Ukroboronprom; issued April 25, 2018)
The Vilkha multiple rocket launcher developed by Ukraine contains no foreign parts or components, allowing its autonomous production by Ukrainian industry. It is seen here during its final firing trials on April 25. (UKR Govt photo)
The final testing of the Vilkha missile complex was conducted. Over a dozen of UKROBORONPROM enterprises, as well as other Ukrainian defense enterprises, were engaged in the manufacture of this missile complex.

Fire tests were held in the Kherson region with the participation of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The President instructed to launch mass production of the missile in 2018.

“Why is it so important? Not only because the Ukrainian Army will finally get a high-precision weaponry that will substantially increase the efficiency of the AFU units, but also because the Vilkha missile is fully made of Ukrainian details. Nobody can hinder us in producing this high-precision weaponry,” the Head of State emphasized.

Petro Poroshenko noted that the production of new high-precision weapons had been organized in such a short term for the first time.

“Only two years ago, the NSDC made a decision to begin the missile program and today, we have finished testing. The missile will be added to the armory,” the President said. He reminded that before 2014, the capabilities of the AFU and the missile complex had been destroyed, production had been eliminated.

“We have paid a very high price for that. Now, the enemy knows the potential of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex, the Ukrainian Army. I can tell one specific figure: this missile is 10 times more precise and, accordingly, 10 times more efficient than the old multiple-launch rocket systems that have been in service since the Soviet Union times,” the Head of State emphasized.

He congratulated the representatives of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex, all the manufacturers who made every effort for this day to come true.

The President also emphasized that new tasks had been set, including the development of cruise missiles. The Head of State stressed that Ukraine, in accordance with the independent international assessment, had entered the top 10 effective armies in Europe.

“We are convinced that such steps increase our efficiency significantly and our partners, including those from NATO, can firmly count on the AFU’s strength. Just as we count on our partners,” the President said.


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