Ukraine, Turkey Switch to Practical Implementation of Project on Creation of Military Transport Aircraft An-188 - Ukroboromprom
(Source: Interfax Ukraine; posted May 3, 2018)
At the Eurasia 2018 Airshow (Antalya, Turkey) it was decided to switch to the practical implementation of the joint Ukrainian-Turkish project on the creation of military transport turbojet An-188, the press service of the Ukroboronprom State Concern has reported.

"The new aircraft will confidently bring the Ukrainian-Turkish project to the list of world leaders. As a result of negotiations with the Turkish delegation led by Undersecretary for Defence Industries Dr. Ismail Demir, it was decided to move on to the practical implementation of the project in the near future," the press service reported, citing General Director of Ukroboronprom Pavlo Bukin on Thursday morning.

According to the report, the military transport aircraft project provides for "complete Westernization of all components," the introduction of modern and reliable technical solutions, as well as full compliance with NATO standards, both in terms of equipment and in the tactics of using the aircraft.

The decisions included in the project permit to create a promising military transport turbojet aircraft with a carrying capacity of up to 50 tonnes. It will be able to transport military equipment of all kinds, military and construction equipment, helicopters, up to 300 soldiers, as well as humanitarian supplies, pallets and containers.

"An-188 will be able to be based on various airfields, including ground, and land on short runways with the length of only 600-800 meters. This greatly expands the number of airfields from which it can be used, which ensures high efficiency of the new aircraft," the Ukroboronprom said.

In addition, the project involves the use of economic modern turbojet engines, which provide not only a high speed, but also a significant flight range.

The Ukrainian aviation industry was represented at Eurasia 2018 by the Antonov State Enterprise, which is part of the Ukroboronprom.


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