Newest Large Hydrographic Boat Aleksander Evlanov Floated Out for Russian Navy
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued June 27, 2018)
The Russian Navy’s Project 23040 new-generation major hydrographic boat was floated out at the ceremony held by the Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod Shipyard. The boat was named Alexander Evlanov in accordance with the order of Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, the Navy Commander-in-Chief (in honour of distinguished hydrographer Rear Admiral Aleksandr Evlanov).

Project 23040G boat Alexander Evlanov is the first in the series.

At present, the boat is moored to the dockside, where her construction is to be completed afloat. After all the tests, the MHB Aleksander Yelanov will join the Baltic Fleet Hydrographic Service.

The boat received her name in honour of the outstanding hydrographer Rear Admiral Alexander

Yevlanov (12.01.1923-18.11.1992), who made 25 distant cruises in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans to study the bottom relief.

Project 23040G hydrographic boat is designed in accordance with the technical requirements of the Navy High Command and is intended for surveying the bottom and examining navigational hazards at depths of up to 400 metres, as well as for surveying the relief with a single-beam echo depth-sounder at depths of up to 2000 metres.

Under the contract with the RF Defence Ministry, the shipyard is to build six boats of this type. On 17 May, the serial third and fourth boats – Vladimir Kozitsky and Boris Slobodnik – were laid down.


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