Kyiv and Ankara Have Agreed to Supply Ukraine Unmanned Aircraft
(Source: Russia News Today; posted July 04, 2018)
The Ukrainian and Turkish sides signed a Memorandum on the supply to Ukraine unmanned aircraft systems, said Wednesday the press service of the National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine.

“The results of the work of the Commission, following the meeting in Ankara of the Commission on military-technical cooperation, [is that] the parties signed a Memorandum of understanding for the supply to Ukraine of unmanned aircraft systems and to establish a joint venture,” said the Council’s press service.

The parties the participants discussed the implementation of projects in armored, aerospace and aircraft fields.

“The parties agreed to develop cooperation in the direction of unmanned weapons systems, the possibility of creation of joint design office for the development of new engines for armored vehicles,” according to the press release.

According to the NSDC, Turkey also confirmed its interest in purchasing the Ukrainian aircraft An-178.


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