Modification of the Spending Ceilings of the Defense Ministry to Finance Special Modernization Programs of the Armed Forces
(Source: Spanish Council of Ministers; issued Sept 07, 2018)7
(Issued in Spanish; unofficial translation by
Spain, which has already ordered 22 NH90 helicopters for its army aviation, on Friday cleared the purchase of 23 more. This is the second major NH90 order this year, after Qatar’s order for 28 which was finalized in August. (Airbus photo)
The Council of Ministers has authorized the Ministry of Defense to make expenditure commitments within the limits agreed for 2019 to 2031, with the purpose of making possible the reprogramming of annuities that affect various Special Programs for the Modernization of the Armed Forces.

The Special Programs have particular financing characteristics that imply continuous adaptations during their development. Currently, it is necessary to reprogram seven of these programs: Maritime Action Ship (BAM I), Maritime Action Ship (BAM II), NH-90 Helicopter, Medium Helicopter, Firefighting Aircraft, 8x8 Technology Programs and F-100 Frigate.

On the other hand, it is necessary to add a new program to maintain the operational heavy helicopter capabilities required by the Army through the modernization of its CH-47D Chinook fleet. This new action involves equipping the current aircraft with a new configuration, and involves the acquisition, renewal and modernization of CIS media, ground support equipment, mission planning and the simulation system associated with the system, as well as training of pilots and mechanics and technical documentation.

Finally, the reprogramming of the NH-90 helicopter of the Air Force proposes the processing of a new NH-90 special program (Lot II), by expanding the fleet of these aircraft in order to guarantee their operational capabilities and to fully perform its missions.

With this agreement, the limits established in the Agreement of the Council of Ministers of July 27, 2018 are modified, based on the provisions of article 47 of the General Budget Law 47/2003 of November 26.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Since taking office, the current government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has approved additional funds of €4.23 billion for major defense programs over the next 20 years.
According to Spanish media and industry sources, this latest decision funds two new programs: the acquisition of 23 additional NH90 helicopters, and the modernization of the Spanish Army’s fleet of CH-47D Chinook helicopters.)


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