Three Proposals Were Received at Ministry of Defense for Four Types of Combat Aircraft
(Source: Bulgarian Ministry of Defence; issued Oct. 01, 2018)
(Issued in Bulgarian; unofficial translation by
The Bulgarian Ministry of Defence on Monday opened in public the four bids it received for its new fighter competition: new F-16s and F-18s from the United States, new Saab Gripen C/Ds from Sweden and used Eurofighters from Italy. (Bg MoD photo)
At the Defense Ministry today, October 1, the proposals of three states - the United States, Sweden and Italy - were received for the supply of a new type of combat aircraft.

According to the procedure, the proposals were opened in the order of their receipt by the Air Force Commander Major General Tsanko Stoykov, who is the chair of the joint interdepartmental working group for the project. The first two proposals were from the United States - for new F-18s and new F-16s, Sweden's proposal for new Gripen was third and the fourth bid was from Italy for Eurofighter.

Deputy Minister Zapryanov thanked the countries that sent their proposals as well as the other countries to which the Ministry of Defense sent out inquiries: France - for new and used "Rafale;" Germany, for new and used "Eurofighter;" Portugal, for used F-16 and Israel, also for used F-16.

"This is a historic moment for the modernization and rearmament of Bulgarian military aviation," Deputy Minister Zapryanov said.

What follows from now on?

First of all, the Proposals will be filed under the Classified Information Protection Act as they contain classified information belonging to the bidding States.

The Joint Task Force appointed by the Prime Minister will begin work on analyzing proposals as of 2 October. It is planned that the group will finish its work within 14 working days - by October 19. This period may be extended in case additional information is requested from the tenderers.

Upon completion of the analysis, a Political Military Steering Group, appointed by order of the Prime Minister, will hold talks with the countries on their offers to improve the proposals. The work of the Political and Military Steering Group will end with a summary report to the Minister of Defense, which will then be submitted to the Council of Ministers which will make a political decision on how to implement the project.


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