FMV Hands Over Gripen Offer to Bulgaria
(Source: Swedish Defence Materiel FMV; issued Oct 03, 2018)
If Bulgaria accepts the Swedish offer of government to government cooperation FMV will deliver eight Gripen aircraft within 24 months.

FMV has handed over the Swedish Gripen offer to the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence. The offer includes eight new and fully NATO-compatible Gripen C/D aircraft for the Bulgarian air force.

The Gripen aircraft FMV offers to Bulgaria are of the latest MS20-standard. The eight aircraft can be delivered within 24 months after signed contract. The offer also include pilot- and technician training as well as full NATO incident readiness capability within the constraints of the Bulgarian budget.

“Our view is that a bilateral cooperation is something that is defined through dialogue and negotiation between the parties. The offer must therefore be seen as a starting point for continuing bilateral negotiations between our nations, aiming to reach a favourable long term cooperation for both sides,” says Joakim Wallin, head of export and international operations at FMV.

The development of Gripen C/D proceeds and the system will be operative for at least thirty more years.

“The offer that we now have handed over meets all requirements set by the Bulgarian government in terms of budget, delivery times and aircraft performance,” says Joakim Wallin.

Gripen C/D is a proven combat aircraft system and is today part of the air defence resources of five nations. It is, in addition to Sweden, used by The Republic of South Africa, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Thailand. Gripen is also used by the British test pilot school ETPS (Empire Test Pilot School) for combat aircraft training of pilots from all over the world.

NATO members Hungary and the Czech Republic successfully participate with Gripen aircraft in missions and joint exercises with other NATO countries.


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