Russian Navy Receives Two Newest Raptor Patrol Boats from Pella Enterprise (St. Petersburg)
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 11, 2018)
In September-October, two newest Raptor patrol boats are to be commissioned by the Russian Navy.

At present, these boats have become the latest ones to be supplied within a series of 14 units under a contract with the RF Defence Ministry.

All of them have been distributed and commissioned by the Baltic, Black Sea Fleets and Caspian Flotilla. The serial manufacture of these boats for the Navy’s Fleets will continue in the future.

Raptor patrol boats are designed for patrol service in sea areas. They are highly manoeuvrable and have effective armament within their type for performing a wide range of tasks. These are some of them:

- maximum possible agility in delivering military personnel groups (at least 20 people);

- patrolling assigned sea areas, interception and detection of small targets, search-and-rescue operations in patrol areas.

Raptor boat’s sailing area includes coastal zones of seas, straits, estuaries during the ice-free navigational period during the daylight hours and at night up to 100 miles away from stationing sites.


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