Ukraine's Air Force HQ Confirms Death of U.S. Pilot in Su-27 Crash
(Source: Ukraine International; posted Oct 17, 2018)
The HQ of Ukraine's Air Force officially confirmed that a U.S. military man deceased in the recent crash of Sukhoi Su-27 fighter. As is known, the aircraft hit the ground during Clear Sky drills in Vinnytsia region, central Ukraine on Tuesday.

The press center of Ukraine's Air Force reported that one of the pilots was Colonel Ivan Petrenko; the other pilot served with the U.S. National Guard.

On October 16, the Military Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine stated that the American serviceman was killed in the accident; however, the Defense Ministry could not confirm it.

As of Wednesday noon, there has been no official information from the U.S. military on the death of the serviceman.

Currently, the National Police experts are seizing the fragments of the aircraft's hull and searching for the black box. 'The examination of the crash site may take several days because the territory is quite large. We shut it off, and the police workers maintain public security', said Yuriy Pedos, the head of the regional department of the National Police in Vinnytsia region.

As we reported, Sukhoi Su-27 fighter of Ukraine's Air Force crashed in Vinnytsia region, central Ukraine on Tuesday as the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported. Both pilots deceased. According to Ukrainian military portal, the fighter participated in the international drills Clear Sky 2018.

The Air Force HQ also reported that the actual plane belonged to the 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade based in Myrhorod, Poltava region, central Ukraine.


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