Newest Corvette Gromky Built for Pacific Fleet Undergoes to Plant Trials
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 28, 2018)
Today, in accordance with the approved schedule, the newest corvette Gromky, which soon will be commissioned by the Pacific Fleet (PF), has today left Vladivostok for plant trials.

A set of control measures will be held in the Sea of Japan for checking her compliance with the declared performances of the ship, reliability and operability of the corvette’s systems and equipment in various conditions.

The corvette Gromky is scheduled to be commissioned by the Pacific Fleet’s strength by the end of this year.

Gromky is the second Project 20380 corvette, built specially for the Pacific Fleet in the framework of the rearmament programme.

Ships of this project were developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau ‘Almaz’ and are intended for operations in the near offshore zone against enemy surface ships and submarines and artillery support for amphibious assault forces.

The corvette’s length is 104.5 metres, beam is 13 metres, total displacement is 2,200 tons, maximal rate of sailing is up to 27 knots.


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