President Macri and Minister Aguad Presented Three Pampa III Aircraft Manufactured Entirely by FAdeA
(Source: Argentine Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 05, 2018)
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After a couple of decades of decline, Argentina’s Fabrica Militar de Aviones, now known as the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones, has begun to recover and has now delivered the first three IA-63 Pampa III light jet trainers to the Air Force. (FAdeA photo)
CORDOBA --- Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri and Minister of Defense Oscar Aguad presented today in Cordoba the first three IA 63 Pampa III aircraft that were built entirely in the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (Argentinian Aircraft Factory) "Brigadier San Martín" (FAdeA) and that will be delivered to the Argentine Air Force before the end of the year.

"It is a pride and joy to share this special moment, in which we present three Pampa III aircraft that will soon take care of our borders and help in the fight against drug trafficking," Macri told personnel working at FAdeA.

After a decade without producing airplanes, this state-run company installed in the province of Cordoba recovered its industrial capabilities and undertook the production of three advanced training and light combat aircraft, which will be used for the training of the pilots of the Armed Forces.

The president recalled that the factory "was a model during the 50s, then went through neglect, abandonment, lack of investment and was spent out" until now, when after many unfulfilled promises over the years, "it lives another reality as this factory reawakens."

"We have the possibility to work for the private sector and for the world," the president said, referring to the agreements signed with Israel, the Arab Emirates and Brazil.

Minister Aguad said that work is being done "to produce the Pampas III in series and commercialize with other countries" and that in this way "Argentina will once again have a horizon in the manufacture of technology aerospace".

Aguad recalled that when he assumed the military portfolio, he told the president that one of the great challenges was to recover FAdeA: "Seeing these planes fly today is a reason for great satisfaction," he said.

In turn, the president of FAdeA, Antonio Beltramone, predicted a record 2018 for the company: "On the one hand, we certified the new Pampa III model that we are presenting today and, on the other, we closed the largest number of contracts on the outside of the Argentine State."

"We managed to reduce the deficit of the company by more than 80% and direct it with new long-term projects," he concluded.

The tandem Pampa III Tandem identified with the production registration 1028, 1029 and 1030 are completing the testing stage with test flights, as part of a series of milestones contemplated in the manufacturing protocols in order to register the serial aircraft.

During these tests, all the equipment of the aircraft is tested, such as the latest generation avionics systems.

During the presentation were also present the Secretary of Management and Budgetary Control, Graciela Villalta; the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General VGM Bari del Valle Sosa, and the Chief of the Air Force, Brigadier VGM Enrique Amrein.


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