Video of Updated Namer IFV Revealed by Israeli Ministry of Defence
(Source Sputnik News; posted Dec 14, 2018)
A video featuring an updated version of the Israeli Namer (“Tiger”) infantry fighting vehicle with a new 30-millimetre unmanned turret with a pair of retractable anti-tank missiles appeared on YouTube, making it one of the most heavily armed, and armoured, infantry carriers.

The original Namer was developed in the 2000s as a ferry vehicle, delivering troops to the front lines, and was lightly armed, featuring just a pair of machine guns for self-defence.

The new version was designed as a heavy armoured personnel carrier and contains a heavier 30-millimetre gun as well as a new turret with an elevated missile launcher capable of launching two Spike MR anti-tank guided missiles, giving Namer the ability to destroy tanks.

Namer is much heavier than other IFVs, busting the scales at 60 tons. Popular Mechanics reported that the reason why Namer is armoured is that it was originally designed to recycle the hulls of older Merkava I main battle tanks.


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