Time spent underway in 2018 of surface ships and submarines increases by 10%
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 25, 2018)
The combat training of the Russian Navy during drills and combat service has intensified in 2018. The total number of days spent by crews at sea in 2018 increased by 10% and amounted to more than 14,000 days. Including-surface ships-about 12,000 days, and submarines - more than 2,000 days.

Over the same period last year, the Russian ships spent some 13,000 days at sea.

One of the most priority directions in the development of the Navy for the coming years, which will also enable the crews of ships to perform more tasks at sea, is the construction of ships for the far sea zone. First of all, these are frigates and major amphibious ships, as well as vessels for close maritime zone.

The Navy will continue construction of patrol ships, which, in addition to daily tasks, will be involved in ensuring the safety of civilian shipping in the Gulf of Aden. Among other things, as part of the shipbuilding program, attention will be focused on construction of patrol ships of the ice class, which will solve problems in the Arctic.

The task of improving grouping of multi-purpose nuclear and non-nuclear submarines will remain unchanged in the coming years.


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