Completion of Preliminary Safety Assessments for European MALE RPAS
(Source: OCCAR; issued May 13, 2019)
The European MALE RPAS Programme Division (MRPD) completed a contract with the German Air Navigation Service Provider – DFS Aviation Services (DAS) – on a Preliminary Safety Assessment.

The objective of the Safety Assessment was focused on the integration of the European MALE RPAS in segregated and non-segregated airspace. In total, five workshops took place with participation of MRPD and Nations’ experts, complemented by experts from EDA as well as Airbus Defence and Space, Dassault Aviation and Leonardo.

The final documentation delivered end of April 2019 provided an important step for the integration of the European MALE RPAS in European Airspace.

The results will be included in the preparation of the upcoming European MALE RPAS Stage 2 contract.


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