F-35 Makes Its Debut in Danish Air Space in 'Tour de Noise'
(Source: Sputnik News; posted May 23, 2019)
It's been estimated that Denmark's new fighter jets will subject hundreds of homes to excessive noise levels comparable a hard rock concert.

In a historic moment, a F-35 fighter jet has appeared for the first time in Danish air space since the signing of the acquisition contrast, performing a demonstration flight, Danish Radio reported.

The flight was performed by two Norwegian aircraft with Norwegian pilots behind the steering wheel.

While universally hailed by the Danish government and many military experts, the advent of the aircraft billed as the new backbone of the Danish Air Force has sparked a lot of concern among the locals living in close proximity to the air base.

Calculations have shown that the actual noise levels will exceed those permitted in 618 homes around the air field, 15 more than the F-16. The F-35 is much heavier than the F-16 and has Pratt & Whitney jet engines that emit almost twice as much noise.

Still, these calculations do not take into account a future update of the fighter's Pratt & Whitney jet engine, which, according to the Defence Ministry, aims at "adding more power to the engine while saving fuel".

"Pratt & Whitney estimates that the engine update will result in an increase in engine noise of about 2 decibels", the Defence Ministry admitted.

According to Dorte Hammershøi, a professor of acoustics at the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University, this will result in a marked increase in noise pollution.

"This will mean that there will probably be more homes hit by excessive noise levels, and that all homes on the current noise map will also have higher levels", Dorte Hammershøi pointed out to Danish Radio.

This perspective has left the locals apprehensive.

"We fear that once the compensation bill is passed, the trap is shut. <…> If they were to upgrade the engines, then I fear that they would downplay the increase and claim it has no meaning", Agnes Rosenlund of the Association of Skrydstrup Air Base Neighbours said.

The purpose of the demonstration flight was thus to allow the locals to judge for themselves how much noise an F-35 fighter plane emits compared to an F-16. At three-minute intervals, first a Danish F-16 and then a Norwegian F35-fighter flew two special routes over Southern Jutland.

"I think it will definitely help the locals to get a better sense of how big the change will be when we receive our F-35 aircraft", Per Pugholm Olsen of the Defence Ministry said before the "sound test".

Starting in 2023, F-35 fighter aircraft will operate from the Skrydstrup Air Station, where they will replace Denmark's aging fleet of F-16 fighters.

The deal involving 27 F-35 fighter jets has been described as the largest-ever state purchase in Denmark's history, with the lifelong costs associated with the aircraft expected reach DKK 66 billion ($10 billion).


F-35 Has Come to Denmark
(Source: Danish Defence Command; issued May 22, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
For the first time since Denmark decided to buy F-35 combat aircraft as a replacement for the F-16 combat aircraft, the F-35 is now visiting Denmark.

The two F-35 aircraft, which today flown into Danish airspace and landed at Skrydstrup Air Station come from the Norwegian defense. One aircraft carried out a demonstration flight around Skrydstrup Airport in South Jutland together with a Danish F-16 fighter aircraft.

F-35 lands

The purpose of the demonstration flight is to give the local population around the airline Skrydstrup the opportunity to experience how an F-35 fighter plane sounds compared to an F-16 combat aircraft.

The experience is compared by the fact that the two aircraft types fly the same route shortly after each other. During the flight, residents can describe their experience by participating in an online survey. The study is supplemented by a sound measurement made by an independent company.

Support from Norway

Norwegian defense, like Denmark, has chosen F-35 as the replacement for F-16, and these are two of their new combat aircraft that are made available for the completion of the demonstration flight. It is Norwegian pilots flying F-35, while it is Danish pilots flying F-16.

The Dutch company NLR is conducting the investigation of the demonstration flight. NLR conducted the same survey for the Dutch defense in 2016. The final report will be published on the website f-35iluften.dk later this year.

At www.f-35ilften.dk you can read more about both the demonstration flight and the Armed Forces' forthcoming fighter aircraft, F-35.


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