Contract Signed with the Russian Ministry of Defense for Delivery of a Batch of Su-57s
(Source: United Aircraft Corp.; issued June 27, 2019)
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Russia’s UAC has been awarded a contract for a second production batch of Sukhoi Su-57 fighters; first production deliveries, from an initial order in 2018, are due by year-end. Note the size of the head-up display, clearly visible here. (UAC photo)
On June 27, during the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2019, a state contract was signed between the Ministry of Defense and the Sukhoi Company (as part of the UAC) for the supply of a batch of 5th generation Su-57 fighters.

As a result of the execution of the signed contract, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will receive the most advanced multi-purpose fighter of the 5th generation designed to destroy all types of aerial targets at both long-range and in close combat, to destroy enemy ground and surface targets, to overcome air defense systems, monitor airspace at long distances bases, as well as the destruction of the control system of enemy aviation operations.

Earlier in 2018, at the ARMY forum, a contract was signed for the delivery of an initial batch of these latest aviation systems. The first aircraft will be handed over to the customer by the end of the year.


The first flight of the Su-57 took place on January 29, 2010 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

As part of the work on the creation of the 5th generation aviation system and its components, the production of prototypes of the Su-57 was completed in 2017, which significantly increased the rate of flight tests. Currently 10 protype aircraft are involved in the flight tests.

All components of the Su-57 have been tested, with a positive assessment completed the first stage of state tests. To date, flight performance specifications specified in the tactical and technical specifications, as well as stability and controllability characteristics in the entire range of altitudes and flight speeds of the aircraft, including flight at supercritical angles of attack, have been confirmed. An on-board equipment and an aircraft armament complex with combat use was tested, including during actual hostilities in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Successfully performed refueling in flight: The results of the experimental work allow us to consider the characteristics of the aircraft among the best in its class.

The Su-57-2 flying laboratory has begun testing new-generation engine known as “product 30,” with reduced specific fuel consumption and increased thrust, which will subsequently be installed on all production aircraft.

The Su-57 has a number of unique features, combining the functions of a fighter and strike aircraft. This fifth-generation aircraft is equipped with a fundamentally new complex of deeply integrated avionics, with a high level of automation control and intellectual support of the pilot. This greatly increases the combat capabilities of the entire system, reducing the pilot’s workload, which in turn allows him to concentrate on solving combat missions.

The on-board equipment of the aircraft allows it to perform tasks not only autonomously, but also to exchange data in real time both with ground control systems and as part of an aviation group.

The aircraft can use a wide range of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons, providing solutions for fighter and attack missions.

The Su-57 has the ability to perform hidden missions, due to its low level of visibility in the radar, infrared and visible range wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Russian Defense Ministry to Get 76 Su-57 Fighter Jets By 2028
(Source: TASS; published June 27, 2019)
KUBINKA --- The Russian Ministry of Defense will receive 76 multirole fighter jets Su-57 within the framework of a contract with Sukhoi Company, Minister of Industry Denis Manturov told reporters on Thursday at the Army 2019 Forum. "76 aircraft," Manturov said.

The fighter jets will be supplied by 2028, Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko told reporters.

The Su-57 is a Russian multirole fifth-generation fighter jet designed to destroy all air, ground, and water surface targets. It has stealth coating, keeps weapons inside, and develops supersonic cruising speed.



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