Ukraine and Turkey to Develop New Heavy Strike Drone (excerpt)
(Source: Kyiv Post; posted Aug. 20, 2019)
By Illia Ponomarenko
The Akinci strike drone was developed by Turkey’s Baykar Defence, and will now be jointly developed together with Ukraine’s UkrSpetsEksport, a subsidiary of the state UkrOboronProm armaments agency. (UOP photo)
KYIV --- The Ukrainian and Turkish defense industries are pooling their efforts to develop the new Akinci heavy strike drone, Ukraine’s state military manufacturer UkrOboronProm said on Aug. 20.

The new aircraft is being designed as part of a recently-launched joint production project between UkrSpetsEksport, an UkrOboronProm affiliate company, and Turkish arms producer Baykar Defence.

“The unmanned aerial combat vehicle is being developed in compliance with the requirements of armed conflicts in the 21st century,” UkrOboronProm director general Pavlo Bukin said, according to company’s statement.

“And it is designated for service in both the Turkish and Ukrainian armed forces. Among its foremost advantages is the ability to carry out high-precision strikes with weaponry that is identical to what is used by (more common fighter) airplanes.”

According to UkrOboronProm, the drone will be capable of carrying massive ordnance weighing “hundreds of kilograms.”

“This became possible thanks to the use of Ukrainian engines that ensure heavy lift capacity, (as well as considerable) velocity and flight altitude, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity of operation,” Bukin said.

The Akinci drone (whose name derives “akinji” or “akindji,” the light irregular cavalry in the Ottoman Empire’s military) is a heavy unmanned aerial vehicle featuring two Ukrainian-produced engines which can take the drone to altitudes of up to 12 kilometers.

The vehicle reportedly has a wingspan of 20 meters and is capable of carrying over 1,000 kilograms of ordnance payload and staying airborne for 24 hours. (end of excerpt)

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The First Project of the Ukrspetsexport - Baykar Defense Joint Venture is the Next-Generation Akıncı Attack Drone
(Source: UkrOboronProm; issued Aug. 20, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by
The new-generation Akıncı Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will become one of the first joint venture projects created by Ukrspeceksport, a member of Ukroboronprom, and the Turkish company Baykar Defense.

"The new generation of Akıncı UAV is designed to meet the requirements of the 21st century armed conflicts, and is intended primarily for both the Turkish and Ukrainian Armed Forces. One of its main advantages is the ability to strike high-precision strikes with the same weapons used on conventional systems.

“It has a powerful ammunition payload of hundreds of kilograms, made possible by the use of Ukrainian engines, which provide high payload, speed and altitude, economy and ease of use. It should be emphasized that this project is being implemented thanks to the unification of the most powerful sectors of the defense complexes of Ukraine and Turkey," emphasized Pavlo Bukin, General Director of Ukroboronprom.

Akıncı belongs to the new "heavy" class of drones. It is equipped with two Ukrainian-made engines that provide flight at altitudes above 12 km. The drone has a wingspan of 20 meters, capable of lifting more than 1,000 kg of weapons into the air and of staying in flight for days.

The drone is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems ranging from thermal imagers and high-power cameras to radars with an active phased array antenna and numerous other sensors. All this allows it to detect even at a distance even well-concealed targets, to either transfer their coordinates for a strike, or to strike on its own using its own precision weapons.

Akıncı's weapons range includes guided missiles and various conventional and high precision bombs. Such powerful weapons allow the drone to destroy the enemy's manpower and tactics, as well as to strike at important enemy objects - fortifications, control and communications centers, bridges, warehouses, and more.

It should be reminded that the state-owned company Ukrspetsexport, which is a part of Ukroboronprom, and the Turkish company Baykar Defense, which is one of the leading manufacturers of drones, have created a joint venture specializing in precision weapons and aerospace technologies.

"The main task of the joint venture is to combine the capabilities of both countries' defense complexes to mass-produce new samples of modern weapons for their own armies. This will move away from classic arms purchase contracts to a whole new level of cooperation - synergy of defense technology and combination of advanced development. Turkey and Ukraine," the NSDC press service said.

Turkish defense companies cooperate with Ukraine in the field of digital communication systems, drones, high-precision aviation weapons and more. Ukroboronprom enterprises jointly with Turkish companies are implementing joint projects on the creation of military transport aircraft, active defense systems for armored vehicles and radar systems.

It should be emphasized that stable mutually beneficial work has been established in recent years. Therefore, establishing a joint venture with Baykar Defense, with parity between the Ukrainian and Turkish sides, is another important step in the process of enhancing the defense capabilities of the two countries.

"The logic behind this collaboration is: if, in general, without the disclosure of details, we have some kind of weapons, the Turkish side has a lot of experience in electronics. We take our sample, the Turkish side provides modern electronic systems. We create a new product.

“Work already has four such projects ... This is a company created specifically for the joint development of new weapons and military equipment to supply them in the first place, the Armed forces of Ukraine and Turkey, and export," DK Ukroboronprom director-general Pavel Bukin told the Ukrinform news agency. At the same time, he noted that the joint Ukrainian-Turkish enterprise was the first since the beginning of creation of "Ukroboronprom".


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