Russia Plans to Create New Anti-Submarine Aircraft to Replace the Tu-142 and IL-38
(Source: Interfax; published Aug 26, 2019)
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Russia has asked its aerospace industry to submit proposals for the replacement of the two aircraft that make up its ASW and maritime patrol fleet: the Tu-142 and the IL-38, code-named May by NATO, seen here in its latest IL-38N version. (RUS Mod photo)
MOSCOW --- The Russian Ministry of Defense turned to the developers for proposals on creating a new anti-submarine aircraft to replace the Tu-142 and IL-38, Denis Manturov, the head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, told Interfax.

"The Ministry of Defense recently set the task for developers to prepare proposals for the creation of a new patrol aircraft based on existing models. This year, I believe, a fundamental choice will be made," Manturov said.

He noted that the issue of deep modernization of long-range Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft is also being studied.

In December 2018, the head of the naval aviation of the Russian Navy Igor Kozhin spoke about plans from 2021 to 2030 to begin mass production of a promising aviation patrol complex.

Earlier, he stated that the new development will replace all patrol aircraft available in the marine aviation park (Tu-142 and Il-38 - IF). “It is about creating and putting into operation a new unified platform. This is a modern machine that will surpass foreign analogues in many issues,” said Kozhin.

Ilyushin previously informed Interfax of ongoing work on projects for a new anti-submarine aircraft, which in the future could replace the IL-38.

"Currently, the possibility of creating an anti-submarine aircraft on the platform of existing IL-type aircraft is being investigated on an initiative basis. The topic of developing a completely new type of aircraft is also being worked out," the company said.

It was also reported that the twin-engine turboprop IL-114-300, which can be equipped with the Novella complex like the IL-38N, is considered as a platform for a new generation of anti-submarine aircraft.

Whether such work is being carried out at Tupolev is currently unknown.

Tu-142 is a long-range anti-submarine aircraft / marine patrol aircraft developed by Tupolev Design Bureau and is code-named Bear-F by NATO. The practical range of the Tu-142 is 12550 km, combat radius of action is 6400 km. The aircraft can monitor the enemy’s submarine or destroy it with aircraft torpedoes or anti-submarine missiles on board.

IL-38 - anti-submarine aircraft, created on the basis of IL-18. It is intended for independent or joint search and destruction of submarines, marine reconnaissance and search and rescue operations with anti-submarine ships. Flight range - 6500 km, combat radius - 2200 km, combat load - up to 8400 kg of anti-submarine bombs, torpedoes, naval mines.


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