Bulgaria Sends First of Eight Su-25 Aircraft to Belarus for Overhaul (excerpt)
(Source: The Sofia Globe; posted August 29, 2019)
A dismantled Bulgarian Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 attack fighter is loaded onto an Il-76 transport aircraft for shipping to Belarus, where it will be overhauled by local industry. (BG MoD photo)
SOFIA --- Bulgaria has sent the first of a total of eight Soviet-era Su-25 military aircraft to Belarus for overhauling and retrofitting, according to a statement by the Defence Ministry in Sofia.

The Su-25 was dismantled and loaded on to an Il-76 transport aircraft on August 28.

The transportation to the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant in Baranovichi, Belarus, was successful, the Defence Ministry said.

Earlier, Bulgarian legislation was amended to make it possible to send the aircraft to Belarus for repairs. The amendment enabled the Defence Ministry to issue an export certificate for such equipment.

The amendment was tabled and approved because for a long time, Bulgaria’s Economy Ministry refused permission for the transaction. There was a problem with transmitting payment for the overhauls because of sanctions against Belarus.

The repair of the eight aircraft is expected to cost about 100 million leva (about 50 million euro) without VAT. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Sofia Globe website.


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