SWF Global Counterspace Capabilities Report 2019
Secure World Foundation
April 04, 2019
Today, SWF is releasing the 2019 edition of our annual Global Counterspace Capabilities Report that provides an in-depth assessment of counterspace and anti-satellite (ASAT) capabilities being developing around the world. The report is a compilation of publicly-available information for various countries developing counterspace capabilities across several categories: direct ascent, co-orbital, directed energy, electronic warfare, and cyber. For each of these categories, the report assesses the current and near-term capabilities for the countries examined in the report, their potential military utility, and any policy, doctrine, or budget support. Taken together, the analysis is intended to provide a holistic picture of each country’s counterspace programs and how those capabilities may be used.

Major additions for 2019 include:
-- More details on Chinese and American directed energy weapons research for counterspace applications
-- New rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) being conducted in the geosynchronous region by the United States, Russia, and China
-- Information on what appears to be a new Russian co-orbital ASAT program known as Burevestnik
-- Preliminary details about the March Indian ASAT test and the previous failed test in February
-- Recent efforts in the United States, Russia, and China to re-organize military space bureaucracy to support space warfighting
-- Thrip cyber espionage attacks against space-related companies and software services

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