Army Modernization: Army Should Take Steps to Reduce Risk
U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
May 01, 2019
The U.S. Army is investing in near- and long-term modernization efforts to maintain its technological edge over potential adversaries. It is doing this by upgrading and updating current weapon systems, developing new capabilities, and reshaping its doctrine, force structure, training, and leader development.

This testimony is based on prior GAO work conducted 2016 through 2019 and addresses the Army's progress in: (1) establishing Army Futures Command, and (2) developing its near-term and long-term modernization strategies. It also highlights several actions recommended in prior reports related to Army modernization.Army modernization includes updating existing weapons and acquiring new weapons to give the Army an edge over its adversaries.

This testimony discusses 3 prior reports assessing the Army's near- and long-term modernization efforts, related budget documents, and acquisition processes for major weapon systems.

Those reports had 7 recommendations that may help the Army avoid costly failures, including:

-- Ensuring that technologies planned for use in new weapon systems programs are mature

-- Ensuring transparency in evaluation of and costs for near-term efforts

-- Analyzing the workforce needed to develop weapon system requirements.

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