Romania ordered 12 second-hand F-16 fighters from Portugal in 2013; the first six are being handed over today, another three later this year and the final three in 2017. (Romanian MoD photos)

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Canada Weighing Bidders’ Fighter Data


OTTAWA --- Canada is assessing data from bidders to replace its aging fleet of fighter jets, a Boeing Co. executive said on Monday...

Fire Scout UAV Designates Target for Seahawk Hellfire Shot


CORONADO, Calif. --- The "Wildcards" of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 23 made history Sept. 14 when they used a MQ-8B unman...

A Swedish Dilemma: Scrap Current Gripen or Pay Billions More


STOCKHOLM --- A controversy has broken out among defense commentators in Sweden as to whether it makes sense to break up a large p...

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