The Pentagon says problems with the F-35’s simulators have delayed into 2021 a decision on full-rate production, but it is doubtful that the test fleet’s fully mission-capable rate of 11% instead of the required 80% played no role. (USAF photo)

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Questions Arise As Pentagon Delays F-35 Full-Scale Production to 2021


WASHINGTON --- The Pentagon’s decision to move into a full-rate production contract for the F-35 jet, made by Lockheed Martin, cou...

Boeing Knew of 737 MAX Fault in 2016 But Kept It from Regulator


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‘Invisibility Cloak’ Hides People, Objects, Buildings and Multiplies Laser Emissions


VANCOUVER, British Columbia --- Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. announces their four patent applications which are all related to...

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