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Brazil Orders 4 Scorpene SSKs, Plans Nuclear-Powered Variant

As part of a strategic partnership between Brazil and France, contracts were signed today covering, on the one hand, the acquisition and construction in Brazil of four Scorpene conventionally-powered submarines and, on the other hand, the development and the construction of a single nuclear-powered submarine.

All of the nuclear power plant will be developed exclusively by Brazil.

For the implementation of these two projects, it is contractually foreseen that all necessary technology transfer, not only to the naval architects and designers, but also various Brazilian companies who will take part in the process as a high degree of national content is planned for the submarines.

More than 30 Brazilian companies are already involved, and will supply over 36,000 items, including complex

The design and construction of a dedicated shipyard for the nuclear submarines, meeting all accepted technological, environmental and quality control standards, is also covered by the agreements. The shipyard will also be able to produce conventional submarines.

A new naval base to support these submarines will be built next to the shipyard.

The Brazilian Navy considers that the biggest benefits for the nation will be, beyond the goods and know-how generated by this contract, the high degree of technology transfer, the increased level of national content, and the considerable number f qualified jobs that will be created. When added to the number of civil engineering jobs for the construction of the shipyard and the submarine base, the submarine project will generated over 2,000 direct and 6,000 indirect jobs.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim, quoted by tbe Brazilian media, the Rio shipyard will be built and operated by French private-sector companies for 20 years, after which it will revert to Brazilian ownership.
In addition to the four Scorpene diesel-electric submarines, the French-operated yard will build a fifth boat which will be fitted with a Brazilian-designed nuclear power-plant. France is not involved in this aspect of the program, Joabim said; he added that the future nuclear submarine base will be operational in two decades.)

Brazilian Navy Signs Contract for Submarines