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Australia, US Team On Aircraft Survivability (May 30)

Project AIR 5406 is a joint 6-year collaborative Research, Development and Engineering program with the United States (US Army as lead service). Collaborative activities include technology and technique development, modeling and simulation, laboratory demonstration of integration concepts, and field demonstrations. The Australian aim of Project AIR 5406 is to develop local capabilities and processes that provide self-reliant support for the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) present and future aircraft ASE Programs.

As part of the Project Agreement, Australia has purchased the following equipment from the United States:

--Suite of Integrated Radio Frequency (RF) Countermeasures (SIRFC) which combines the functions of RF threat warning, precision direction finding and jamming. SIRFC has the official nomenclature of AN/ALQ-211.

--Suite of Integrated Infra-Red (IR)Counter measures (SIIRCM). SIIRCM, official nomenclature of AN/ALQ-212, combines the functions of:

--missile warning using the Common Missile Warning System (CMWS - AN/AAR57), directed Infra-Red countermeasures using Advanced Threat IR Counter Measures (ATIRCM), and - offboard countermeasures comprising both flares and chaff using the AN/ALE47 sequencer.

--Laser Detection System (LDS), official nomenclature the AN/VVR-1 Laser Warning Receiver System (LWRS) which comprises :
-Four laser sensors to detect Band I, Band II and Band III threats
-Two Interface Control Units (IFUs) for signal processing

Data Exchange.
The exchange of data, including software models is providing DSTO, the ADF (and industry where appropriate) valuable knowledge and skills that will be utilized in the support of ASE capabilities acquired under other projects, such as Echidna. Data is also exchanged on cooperative development of countermeasure techniques and technologies across the full threat spectrum (RF, IR and Laser).

Leading Edge Technology.
The Project Arrangement will result in the exchange of State-of-the-Art technology in the fields of threat warning, counter measures and situational awareness, thereby providing the foundations for continued research and development and culminating in technology upgrades to the equipment. These skills will complement the data exchange and facilitate Australia's endeavours in achieving self-reliance by being able to maintain, repair, adapt and modify our ASE capabilities.

PA 10 is acquiring leading edge technology yet to come into service with US forces and is undertaking R&D into Pre-Planned Product Improvement (P3I) to assist keep this current "State of the Art" capability evolving to meet future threats.

Australian Industry Involvement (AII).
Australian industry is extensively involved in Project Agreement design and development activities through the placement of contracts and work packages.

Australian companies are involved at all levels of DSTO activities, from transitioning DSTO research through to operational qualification and system integration leading to Australian and US P3I programs.


AIR 5406 - Project Australia & US To Collaborate On Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE)