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Belgian Frigate, Minehunter Handed Over to Bulgaria

On Monday Feb. 9, F910 Wielingen and M922 Myositis were officially handed over to Bulgaria, in a ceremony attended by various authorities of both countries. The Bulgarian navy has christened the ships Verni and Tsibar respectively.

Wielingen is, after F912 Wandelaar and F911 Westdiep, the third frigate, and Myosotis the first minehunter, to be handed over to the Bulgarian navy. Disposal of the Wielingen also marks the decommissioning of the final Wielingen-class frigate by the Belgian navy. These ships were named for well-known sand banks along the Belgian coast. They were designed and built by Belgian shipyards.

Myosotis is the eighth ship of the Flower class, and in recent years was used to transport ammunition.

The two ships will sail to Bulgaria on Feb. 10, at about 10 a.m.


Official Handover of frigate F910 Wielingen and Minehunter M922 Myositis to Bulgaria