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Antonov Exhibits New Version of AN-74 in India

Within the period of 11 to 15 of February ANTONOV ASTC will participate in AERO INDIA’2009 the international aeronautic exhibition, which will take place in Bangalore, India.

For the first time the programme of AN-74 new multi-role maritime patrol aircraft will be represented to a wide aviation community. At present, this version of the aircraft is being studied by experts of MoD of India within the frame of tender on delivery of 6 aircraft of such a class for Navy and Coast Guard of the country.

The new AN-74 is prepared to fulfill with a high efficiency a wide spectrum of military tasks including: aerial and maritime patrolling, support of military ships with the possibility to counteract to an enemy, carrying out search and rescue operations; electronic and radio reconnaissance; determination of pollution of the sea surface.

If necessary it may be re-equipped easily for transportation people, evacuation of sick and wounded persons. Cargo cabin with volume of 26 m³, highly-mechanized hatch-ramp and airborne loading/unloading equipment allow to perform autonomous loading-unloading and transportation of wide spectrum of cargoes as well as its paradropping.

Due to its unique design AN-74 can be operated from poor equipped runways (including ground, pebble, snowy and icy ones). In STOL mode it can transport up to 6 t of cargoes. Simplicity in service, availability of airborne loading equipment provide long-term operation of the airplane far from airdromes. It took the best characteristics of the previous airplanes of the family, which are operated successfully in military divisions of different countries.

They were actively used in military operations, carried soldiers, troops of special services, various cargoes, including spacecraft and auxiliary equipment for them, evacuated ill and wounded persons, struggled with pirates, stopped poachers, guarded maritime boundaries, detected and participated in detention of trespasser-ships.

A new version of AN-74 differs from its predecessors with a number of considerable improvements. It made possible realization of conception of a radical modernization of the AN-74, developed by ANTONOV specialists in cooperation with the partners including those from France, Germany and Sweden. It includes mounting the glass cockpit, the newest instruments of piloting, navigation and communication.

Besides, power plant and APU, aircraft and engine control systems, fuel, hydraulic systems and many others. The most modern technologies will be used for aftersale support of the airplane, its maintenance and repair.

Within the exhibition negotiations concerning other perspective directions of cooperation will be conducted. ANTONOV is sure that AEROINDIA-2009 will become a starting point of the new joint programmes joining efforts of aviation enterprises of India and Ukraine.

ANTONOV ASTC cooperates with India for more than 40 years. Antonov airplanes are widely used in this country with complicated climatic conditions and numerous high-mountain airfields. AN-32s takes a special position among them. They are able to carry out flights from the high altitude airfields (to 4500 m above sea level) under conditions of hot climate (up to +55°C), they also have a number of other excellent characteristics.

Starting from 1984, 118 such airplanes were delivered to India. They successfully perform tasks put by military and civil authorities, airlines. Good performances of the AN-32 allowed to design a number of modifications on its basis including AN-32 Б commercial transport and Ан-32П fire-fighter. Today ANTONOV jointly with the Indian enterprises intend to work on modernization of these airplanes.

AN-12 medium military-transports proved to be successfully operated in Indian Air Forces as well. The first batch of seven such aircraft was delivered in 1961. As a whole India purchased 46 AN-12s, which found a wide sphere of application in defense and commercial air transportation. ANTONOV’s specialists rendered a great help to their Indian colleagues in mastering AN-12 aircraft operation and maintenance. Taking into account adverse climatic conditions of the country AN-12 aircraft initially was assigned a service life of 25000 flying hours, 8000 landings and 15 years.

In the next years ANTONOV ASTC in cooperation with technical services of Indian Air Force carried out a great scope of research work analyzing operation of AN-12 aircraft fleet in the countries with various climatic conditions. In the end there were developed and implemented some measures which made it possible to extend service life of the aircraft up to 30 years. It resulted in a great economic effect to Indian party. At present ANTONOV offers Indian military forces to increase mobility level using AN-70 military STOL transport of a new generation.

This time ANTONOV offers Indian Military Forces to considerably raise mobility level of their Air Forces by enlisting the An-70, a military transport aircraft of a new generation.


Antonov Will Represent a New Version of AN-74 in India