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Boeing Opens New C-17 Facility (June. 4)

ST. LOUIS --- Boeing paid tribute to the U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III military transport plane today by dedicating a new St. Louis C-17 manufacturing facility and by commemorating production of the 100th C-17 for the Air Force.

"This jet is a hero," said Jerry Daniels, president and chief executive officer of Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems. "It delivers supplies to people in need. It sends troops, tanks and equipment directly to our nation's front line defenses, and those of our allies. Each time the C-17 is called to serve, it responds with flying colors."

Today's ceremony was held in an expanded Building 101 at Boeing in St. Louis. Construction of a 154,000-square-foot addition to the existing Building 101 began in February 2001 and was completed in March 2002, more than two months ahead of schedule. The new, larger building will allow Boeing to consolidate its major St. Louis C-17 assembly work into one facility.

The Boeing St. Louis team, the largest supplier for the C-17, produces the airlifter's cargo ramp and door; cockpit, including the flight deck; main landing gear pods and pylons. In addition, 10,000 detail parts for the C-17 are fabricated by Boeing's strategic partner GKN Aerospace Services - St. Louis for delivery to Long Beach, Calif., and Macon, Ga.

The expansion of Building 101 is part of Boeing's "Gear Up For the Future" facilities modernization plan announced in late 2000. The $140 million multistage plan is designed to transform the Boeing St. Louis site into one of the most competitive operations in the aerospace industry. The addition of a 210,000-square-foot hangar and ramp facilities for support of F/A-18E/F, T-45 and AV-8B flight-test operations is also included in the plan.

Today's ceremony also commemorated production on the 100th C-17, currently being built by Boeing. Suppliers worldwide are holding celebrations as components of the jet make their way to Long Beach for final assembly and delivery of the aircraft to the Air Force in October. Boeing has delivered 85 C-17s to the Air Force to date.

The Air Force declared the first C-17 squadron operational in January1995. Since then the fleet has amassed more than 325,000 flying hours. The C-17 has been involved in numerous contingency operations, including flying troops and equipment to Operation Joint Endeavor to support peacekeeping in Bosnia, Allied Force Operation in Kosovo, and the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, C-17s have flown hundreds of humanitarian missions, airdropping more than 2.4 million ration packages to refugees, as well as landing bulk foods and blankets. In addition, C-17s have flown hundreds of missions carrying troops, supplies and heavy equipment into austere fields in Afghanistan and into airfields in neighboring countries.

Among those taking part in today's ceremony was Lt. Col. William "Goose" Changose, commander of the 14th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing, Air Mobility Command, Charleston Air Force Base, S.C. Changose, a C-17 pilot, was mission commander for the first humanitarian airdrop over Afghanistan last October.

The Boeing Company is the world's largest manufacturer of satellites, commercial jetliners and military aircraft. In terms of sales, Boeing is the largest exporter in the United States. Total company revenues for 2001 were $58 billion.

Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems designs, produces and provides follow-on support for fighters, bombers, transports, rotorcraft and weapons for the United States and its allies around the globe. The world's largest military aircraft manufacturer, Boeing has delivered more than 130,000 military aircraft to the U.S. government and international customers. Among emerging businesses are unmanned systems, as well as military aircraft that are based on the company's renowned commercial airplanes.


Boeing St. Louis Gears Up For The Future With C-17 Celebration