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Canada Buys Warning Devices for Afghan Ops

OTTAWA --- The Canadian Forces will purchase 750 Visual Warning Technology (VWT) systems and ancillaries, to include protective cases and remote operating switches, from R. Nicholls Distributors Inc. of Longueuil, QC.

VWT systems are force protection tools used to warn, alert, deter and dissuade potentially threatening vehicles or persons from approaching too close to military security areas or patrols. A VWT system utilizes laser technology to project a beam of green light at potential threats. The systems will be used in Afghanistan as a non-lethal alternative to warning shots when other warning measures, such as shouting, cultural signage or hand signals, fail to work.

“This technology is designed to save lives by reducing risk to civilians and soldiers during military operations,” said Minister of National Defence and Minister of the Atlantic Gateway, Peter Gordon MacKay. “Visual Warning Technology will be used as a non-lethal measure to prevent potentially threatening vehicles or pedestrians from approaching too close to a military convoy or a checkpoint.”

R. Nicholls Distributors Inc. was one of three companies to submit bids to supply the VWT systems. Initial delivery of the devices is expected as early as March 2009 with a full delivery before June 2010.

“This contract demonstrates that, using Canadian expertise, this government can obtain the best equipment available for the Canadian Forces, while ensuring best value for Canadian taxpayers,” said Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada Christian Paradis. “Moreover, this technology will protect the men and women of the Canadian Forces while providing a safer alternative to the use of lethal force.”

Along with the VWT initiative, the CF is always considering new technologies and procedures to protect our forces, to minimize unnecessary damage and harm to civilians. These initiatives are part of a broader modernization effort detailed in the Canada First Defence Strategy, which aims at building a first-class, modern military that is well trained, well equipped, and ready take on the challenges of the 21st century.

CF Purchases Warning Devices for Use in Afghanistan