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Bedek Plugging Freighter Conversions (June 13)

BEN-GURION International Airport, Israel --- Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)'s Bedek Aviation Group held a passenger (Pax) to Freighter aircraft conversion conference, in Paris on May 30th 2002. The conference was intended to promote Pax to Freighter conversions of B737 and B767 aircraft. The conference was held with the cooperation of GECAS, a subsidiary of General Electric (GE).

More than fifty distinguished representatives from the world's leading airlines participated in the conference: Lufthansa, Icelandair, Islandflug, Bluebird, DHL, Air Contractors, Air France, TNT, Axis Airways, Air Atlanta, JAT, M.K Airlines and many others.

Bedek Aviation Group initiated this conference to assemble together a large group of potential customers, and to bring Bedek's line of products and services to their attention. Bedek Aviation group, as a full service provider, offers a rich variety of products and services, such as conversions and maintenance of aircraft, engines and components.

IAI's Bedek Aviation Group intends to hold another Pax to Freighter aircraft conversion conference in Beijing, China, on October 30th 2002. This conference follows the previous conference Bedek organized successfully in Beijing, two years ago.

This forthcoming conference will focus on the subjects of conversions and financing options in the airlines/aircraft industry.


Representatives From Leading Airlines Participated in Pax to Freighter Aircraft Conversion Conference