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BAE Wins Bowman Management Contract (June 14)

BAE Systems C4ISR has received a contract from General Dynamics UK Limited for the supply of both the Bowman Communications Management System (BCMS) and the Land Systems Reference Centre (LSRC) Bowman Modelling Facility (LBMF) valued at approximately £11 million.

The Filton, United Kingdom, based C4ISR team will deliver the BCMS to General Dynamics UK as a series of phased releases, culminating in the final delivery of the full system in December 2003. The LBMF will be delivered outside these timescales to permit operational experience of using Bowman in the field to be reflected in the LBMF system's architecture.

BAE Systems is developing the feature-rich, Windows-based BCMS to support the network planning and management of complex tactical radio communications systems within General Dynamics UK's Bowman solution. The BCMS enables the production and implementation of communications plans using an Explorer-style graphical user interface to manage the dynamic affiliations of organisations, combat radio nets, platforms and radios in the complex battlespace.

Whereas the BCMS will support real-life Bowman deployments, the LBMF will provide the user community with the ability to support the testing of Bowman and associated equipment, and to provide 'what if' testing prior to deployment without diverting significant numbers of troops and equipment for lengthy periods. The LBMF will also provide a testbed for equipment under development and support the evaluation of proposed modifications or enhancements. It will also provide greater flexibility in testing various network configurations and parameters, and permit faster assessment of networks than can be achieved with in-service equipment.

Both developments represent the cutting edge of technical innovation. The BCMS has been developed to run on Windows 2000 platforms with a minimal footprint, but can also be hosted on Windows NT, Windows 98 and Windows XP. It will also run on a Windows Emulator running on Lynux. The software has been developed in Microsoft Visual C++, making use of COTS GIS products whilst providing open interfaces for the export and import of data in ASCII, CSV, XML and our own data format. The LBMF Model will be developed in OPNET with a variety of COTS tools and will also run on a variety of operating system platforms including UNIX and Windows NT and 2000.

BAE Systems employs nearly 100,000 people including Joint Ventures, and has annual sales of around £13 billion. The company offers a global capability in air, sea, land and space with a world-class prime contracting ability supported by a range of key skills. BAE Systems designs, manufactures and supports military aircraft, surface ships, submarines, space systems, radar, avionics, communications, electronics, guided weapon systems and a range of other defence products.

BAE Systems C4ISR is a global centre of excellence supplying innovative, network enhanced solutions focused on military capability. It integrates advanced civil and military technologies into robust, single-service and tri-service information management environments. C4ISR optimises the operational effectiveness of command & control and platforms within the digitized battlespace, providing flexible architectures to support fast decision-making.


BAE Systems to Supply Bowman Communications Management System and Modelling Facility