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Ariane 5 Pyrotechnics Contract Signed

PyroAlliance, energetic equipment subsidiary of SNPE Matériaux Energétiques, signed the PB contract with EADS Astrium on 18 March 2009 at Les Mureaux, for the supply of pyrotechnic equipment for the new Ariane 5 launcher production phase.

Within this scope, for 35 Ariane 5 launchers in ECA configuration PyroAlliance will provide a large number of pyrotechnic items (more than 360) to fulfil the main operational pyrotechnic functions:

-- ignition of MPS motors and fuses for solid booster stage (EAP) outward motion and cryogenic upper stage (ESC) acceleration,
-- solid booster stage (EAP) separation,
-- neutralisation and destruction of launcher stages.

The first deliveries will start in March 2009 and end in November 2014 with a nominal production rate of 7 launchers per year. This new structuring contract, after those obtained with Vega and the Brazilian VLS-1 launcher, reinforces PyroAlliance's position which, supported by GROUPE SNPE technological expertise, is becoming one of the world leaders in space pyrotechnics.

PyroAlliance is a subsidiary of SNPE Matériaux Energétiques, a GROUPE SNPE subsidiary in charge of energetic materials research, development, production and marketing for the defense and aeronautical, space and automotive industries. In partnership with the major industrial actors, PyroAlliance develops tomorrow’s energetic equipment. As European leader in this field, PyroAlliance designs, produces and markets a wide range of equipment complying with strict specifications, for space, defense, industrial and aeronautical fields.


ARIANE 5: EADS Astrium and PyroAlliance Sign the PB Contract Concerning the Supply of Energetic Equipment for the New Production Phase