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British Army Orders Dune Buggies for Afghanistan

A fleet of new all terrain vehicles has been ordered by the Ministry of Defence to move vital equipment to troops on the frontline in Afghanistan.

Derbyshire-based Enhanced Protection Systems Ltd (EPS) has been awarded a £7M contract to supply around 75 Springer vehicles.

Dr Andrew Tyler, Chief Operating Officer for MOD Defence Equipment and Support, said:

“This new vehicle will enable the delivery of vital equipment to front-line troops. It is designed specifically for rugged, desert conditions - which means it is well-matched to the operational environment in Afghanistan.

“The Springer dune buggy will be an added capability for troops at Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan. This contract demonstrates that we’re continuing to invest in vehicles for the front line.”

Springer will have a crew of two and the ability to carry a combat load of 1 tonne. Its role is specifically focused on moving combat supplies from helicopter landing sites into the forward operating bases.

The MOD is expecting to take delivery of the new Springer vehicle this summer.

Managing Director of EPS, Sue Maltby, said:

“EPS UK Ltd prides itself on delivering quality products to the defence and security industry and is delighted to be involved with the MoD with our Springer vehicle, which will provide valuable service to our soldiers on operations.”

--Enhanced Protection Systems Ltd is based in Moira, Derbyshire.

-- The contract has created extra jobs and will help to sustain others in the local area through sub-contracts placed by Enhanced Protections Systems Ltd.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Given the number of British soldiers that have been killed by improvised explosive devices while riding in unprotected vehicles, the procurement of modified dune buggies to support operations in Afghanistan is more than a little puzzling. The photograph above shows all too clearly the amount of protection available to the vehicle’s crew. Indeed, on its face this announcement resembles more a belated April’s Fool joke than a responsible ministerial procurement decision.)


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