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Brazil Evaluating Revised Offers for New Fighter

Maintaining the policy of transparency in the process of selection of the new multirole fighter aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), known as Project F-X2, the Air Force Command announced that it received today, May 4, 2009, from the participating companies (listed in alphabetical order) Boeing (Super F-18 E/F Hornet), Dassault (Rafale) and SAAB (Gripen NG), the revised offers for analysis by the F-X2 Project Management (GPF-X2).

In the previous stage, a team from the GPF-X2 visited the industrial and logistic installations, maintenance workshops, and system development laboratories of the participating companies, as well as operational squadrons. It also examined how the candidate aircraft will be flown and evaluated by pilots and engineers of the F-X2 management group.

GPF-X2 is now in possession of all the information obtained in the previous phases, of the evaluation of the offers submitted on February 2. It also obtained additional information during clarification meetings held since March 2, during verification visits (technical, logistic and industrial) and during evaluation flights (from 30 of March).

The GPF-X2 team will continue with the evaluation of the answers of the companies being considered in the process described above.

Finally, the Air Force Command reaffirms that it maintains, exempt from any preferential judgment, the selection of the aircraft on the basis of operational, logistic, commercial, technical, commercial compensation offers (offsets), technological and industrial criteria, as well as technology transfer, to allow to the best choice, that will place the FAB and Brazil in a prominent position on the global aeronautical scene.

It also aims to make possible, in the medium and long terms, the qualification of civil industrial centers of excellence and the development of the Brazilian aeronautical industry.


FX-2: Analysis of the Revised Offers