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BAE Delivers Air-Portable Ptarmigan (June 21)

BAE Systems C4ISR has completed the task from the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence to develop and install improved generators and air-conditioning units for the Ptarmigan Secondary Access Node-Air Portable system - SAN(AP) - to enhance power and climatic control performance.

Following the recent delivery of the last upgraded installations to the user community, all enhanced SAN(AP) vehicles are now back in service in the United Kingdom and in Germany.

The whole modification programme was completed within five months of receipt of order by the Christchurch-based C4ISR Communications & Defence Infrastructure team, supported by BAE Systems, partners in this programme ) Dytecna, Fischer Panda and Cool Tec.

The Ptarmigan SAN(AP) was originally designed and delivered to the Ministry of Defence in 1998 under an Urgent Operational Requirement to provide rapidly deployed forces with access to area and satellite communications. The programme repackaged the conventional Ptarmigan Secondary Access Switch and Radio Relay sub-systems into separate air-portable variants, each mounted on Pinzgauer 6x6 wheeled vehicles which are deployed in pairs as the SAN(AP).

The system has seen operational service with the British Army in a number of overseas theatres and with the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

Ptarmigan was the world,s first deployed military digital area communications system. It incorporated many of the advanced data packaging and switching technologies now mirrored in the world of civil telecommunications. The system has supported British forces in many major campaigns and has been updated to reflect changing military requirements, in particular those of expeditionary warfare, peacekeeping roles and the emerging digitised battlespace.

BAE Systems employs nearly 100,000 people including Joint Ventures, and has annual sales of around £13 billion. The company offers a global capability in air, sea, land and space with a world-class prime contracting ability supported by a range of key skills.

BAE Systems designs, manufactures and supports military aircraft, surface ships, submarines, space systems, radar, avionics, communications, electronics, guided weapon systems and a range of other defence products.

BAE Systems C4ISR is a global centre of excellence supplying innovative, network enhanced solutions focused on military capability. It integrates advanced civil and military technologies into robust, single-service and tri-service information management environments. C4ISR optimises the operational effectiveness of command & control and platforms within the digitized battlespace, providing flexible architectures to support fast decision-making.


BAE Systems Completes Delivery Of Air-Portable Ptarmigan Area Communication System